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Sri Venkateshwara Pools, A group of professionals, primarily into the construction of all kind of Swimming Pools to the execution of state of art designs. The team is backed up with the experts in the market who have been in this industry for more than a decade mastering each and very process, understanding the client requirements to the brim and seeing lot many happy faces with an absolute attitude of not compromising with the quality setting high standards.


Every swimming pool needs an efficient filtration system to keep the pool crystal clear and hygienic swimming pool water.


If you’re craving for lighting for around your pool there are many choices on the market. Fiberoptics Lights are useful as mood lighting.


We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Outdoor Fountains such as Geyser Jet Fountain, Foam Jet Fountain, Vertical Jet Fountain.

Sri Venkateshwara Pools - Management


A wide of expertise in areas of retail marketing, strategic marketing, brand management and after sales support as the main domain has also pioneered the art of achieving high levels with respect in customer satisfaction over a decade. A Strong backround in Sri Venkateshwara Pools has a wide experience in planning and execution of major turmkey project over a decade. In this industry more than a dec ade with his key result area being the financial domain.

We also takecare maintenance work of all types of Swimming Pools

Our Team

Sri Venkateshwara Pools is empowered with a wonderful family of talented experts in all the required fields, for e.g.Operations, Technical Support, Maintenance and a chain of vendors to supply the state of art equipment to ensure it is an dream come true experience to each and every customer of ours.



Proprietor and Marketing

E-Mail : anilkumarreddy@srivenkateshwarapools.com

Rami Reddy

Rami Reddy

Proprietor and Financier

E-Mail : ramireddy@srivenkateshwarapools.com

Aji thomas

Aji Thomas


Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver substantially high level of Quality with at most Customer Satisfaction.

Water Bodies

Manufacturing Facilities

Our Values:-

  • Delight Customer
  • Deliver on Commitments
  • Develop People
  • Depend on each other

Designing The Pool and Surronds:-

  • Pool design
  • Pool finishes, Internal
  • Surrounded Edge Desing
  • General Surround Consideration


  • Pool Usage - Why we are building a pool
  • Life Changer in owning a Pool or Spa
  • Regulations
  • Poisition / Location
  • Type of Pool

Pipework and Hydraulics:-

  • Calculating size of pool
  • In Pool Equipment
  • Selecting Pump
  • Selecting Filter
  • Pipe Work Design


Sri Venkateshwara Pools creates a year round vacation atmosphere in the comfort of your own back yard. Your piece of paradise will enthrall your friends and become the favorite meeting place of your children and their friends. Our aim is to design and build distinctive environments utilizing only the finest quality equipment, workmanship and materials. It is our desire for the familier we serve to enjoy a safe backyard swimming experience, where fun is maximum and maintenance is minimized.


  • Light / Auto Chemical / Auto Cleaning / Time Clocks
  • Pool Heating : Electric
  • Allowing for Electrical Connection
  • Allowing for waste and makeup water
  • Steam, Sauna, Jacuzzi and Ozone Systems

Construction Sequence:-

  • Layout - Position
  • Excavation
  • Formwork and Steel
  • Fitting Incorporated Items
  • Concrete (Giniting)
  • Coping Finish
  • Internal Finish
  • Equipment Installation
  • Electrical Connection
  • Surround Work (on request)

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):-

  • Cleaning of the pool
  • Chlorination
  • Chemical Test
  • Calcium Hardness Test
  • Filtration Process


  • We shoot dry gunite, which is a mixture of sand, jelly, cement and water.
  • This is pneumatically applied by means of gun, or customized hose, which is operated by compressed air.
  • The water is added to the dry materials as they pass through the gun.
  • This is short directly on to the brick wall and the steel rods. We guarantee a minimum thickness of 6" (per - casted shell - 3'), creating a monolithic structure for a swimming pool of superior strength.

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